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Things you can do with placenta

I’ve got to start this by saying: I have never made anything out of my placenta. Usually the hospital takes it away. During a home birth, it is up to the parent to do away with it. We just threw ours in the trash. (Which still grosses me out, because now a piece of my rotting flesh is in the dump.) But you can do all sorts of things with it; you can dry it and put it into capsules, which will then be taken as pills. You can make smoothies with it. All sorts of wonderful things you can do! The world (or in this case, your placenta) is your oyster!

Do art: 


There are not a lot of different prints you can get from a placenta. The “Tree of Life” seems to be quite popular.

Make a Picture Frame:


So I guess this is a picture frame made out of placenta. I didn’t read the article. It was long and boring looking. I don’t know how she did it. I am imagining that she ground it up fine, mixed it with glue and made a sort of placenta-mache frame with it. I don’t want to imagine it anymore.

Eat it: (recipes)


Caramelized onion and green apple crostini with seared placenta

Make a Teddy Bear:


This is one creepy teddy bear. How would you like that in your room as a wee child?

What other things can you do with placenta?

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