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Weight Loss Surgery

About 255 pounds this day. After initial weight loss of 14 pounds.
About 255 pounds this day. After initial weight loss of 14 pounds.

 Weight Loss Surgery

I’ve decided to lose some weight. Here is a way for me to keep track of my weight loss. I’m exercising (walking right now). I am also getting surgery. Yes, I know. “The easy way.” It’s not easy. It’s difficult. We have a thousand hoops to jump through, a million forms to sign, and way too many protein shakes. Then there is the fact that afterwards, even though I’m not supposed to think of what I cannot eat, there are quite a few things I love that I may not be able to eat. Like sugar and mountain dew. Mountain Dew! My angel and my demon. So, after the initial 2 week all-protein-shake diet (with as much broth, sugar free jello, and sugar free popsicles that I can stomach) I get surgery. Then, I get to drink 1 shake a day (with as much of the aforementioned goodies) for two weeks, pureed food for a couple weeks, soft food for two or three weeks, and then, normal food, but like, not as much.

After Surgery

190 Pounds.. .Still see my gross belly, but I'm wearing Large and Xtra Large for the first time in probably 20 years.
190 Pounds.. .Still see my gross belly, but I’m wearing Large and Xtra Large for the first time in probably 20 years.

Surgery went very well. I had surgery on Wednesday, went home on Friday. On Saturday, I had my first fart and first bowel movement since pre-surgery. It was the best farting I’ve ever done, and the worst pooping I’d ever done. I know, TMI, but no one warned me that could happen. All those fluids had built up to something powerful and otherworldly. Yikes.

Eating-wise, things were going smoothly. I went from liquid (three weeks later) to pureed food, which was like heaven at first, and then like torture and pain for a while. And then we went on a little trip to Montana a month later and all hell broke loose.

I woke up in a beautiful cabin in someplace called Apgar (which is beautiful and I was going to take pictures that day) with pain in my stomach. Intense pain. I took a drink of water. It got worse. I sat up and whimpered and Dee woke up, asked me if I was ok, and I said, “I think I have to go to the hospital.” I had a perforated ulcer in the intestine under my “bigger” stomach. (I got the RNY Type. Look it up.) Everything I drank poured through that hole into my abdomen. Fun stuff. And here I was, stuck in Montana.

This is my ulcer.
This is my ulcer.

Paul drove me and Dee to the hospital in Kalispel. I told them I had recently had the RNY surgery. They did not understand what that was. I explained, to the best of my ability and pain level. Then I told them I was in a considerable amount of pain and drinking made it worse. So they got me back into a room and called my doctor. If you are thinking of the surgery and are in Spokane, check out Dr. Spitz. I loved him. He was awesome. Anyway, they want to do a CAT scan and the nurse brings in some liquid for me to drink. It’s like 6 cups of liquid too. I say, “I cannot drink that much. I can only hold 4oz, and that’s pushing it still!” and they were like, “Wha? Why?” But they talked me into trying to drink some. I grabbed the cup and took a swallow. The pain that followed was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I lost all color, everywhere. I was like a ghost. I thought I was going to faint. I cried and I cried and they took away the drink. “Maybe we can put the solution in your IV.” They say. If they could have done that, why didn’t they start that way? I told them how badly it hurt to drink water, and they give me some unknown chemical thing to drink? Yikes! I started asking for my doctor’s opinion on everything. By now, I was pretty high on pain killers, so a lot of my memory is foggy.

169 Pounds. I'll be happy at 145 I think. :)
169 Pounds. I’ll be happy at 145 I think. 🙂

I know I bugged Dee repeatedly to find out what was going on. I did not want to stay there any longer. I was scared of what might happen to me if I did. Finally, I’m told we’re being flown to Spokane. The day was windy and rainy, so we couldn’t get on the chopper (ahhh 🙁 I was so hoping I would!) but we could take a small plane. Off we went in an ambulance (my first time) to the airport. The medic in the ambulance was the nicest guy in the world. I loved him. I wish I could remember his name. I asked for it a bazillion times.

Well, as you know because I already told you, it was an ulcer. I was in the hospital for a week, became allergic to Oxycodone, had a wound re-opened because it was healing weird, and then had to pack that wound at home. It was gross.

I didn’t get to eat normal food for another three weeks.

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